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# If some number has n 9's then summing all of 9! is n*9!, which must be
# less than 10^n.If some numbers are changed, they will be less than 10^n
Fact = {}
Fact[0] = 1
for i in xrange(1,10):
# Get end of numbers to which iteration should be performed
length = 1
while length*Fact[9] > 10**length:
length += 1
def digitFactorialSum(n):
nn, tn = 0, n
while n:
nn = nn + Fact[(n%10)]
n /= 10
# print "Fifth power of %d is %d"%(tn,nn)
return nn==tn
s = [n for n in xrange(10,length*Fact[9]) if digitFactorialSum(n)] #since 1 should not be included, next is 2
print sum(s)