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def primes(n):
# Generator for primes < n
yield 2
# Sieve of composite numbers
odd_composites = set(i*j for i in xrange(3,n,2) for j in xrange(i,n,2))
for i in xrange(3,n,2):
if i not in odd_composites:
yield i
def factors(n):
# Returns factors in ascending order
return tuple(i for i in primes(int(n**0.5)+1) if n % i == 0)
num = 600851475143
print factors(num)[-1]
factors = tuple(i for i in xrange(3,int(num**0.5)+1,2) if num % i == 0)
from fractions import gcd
for i in xrange(len(factors)):
if all(gcd(factors[i],fact) == 1 for fact in factors[:i]):
print factors[i]
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