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from math import sqrt
def main():
m = 10000
sm = int(sqrt(m))
np = set( j for i in xrange(3,sm,2) for j in xrange(i*i,m,i+i))
p = set(i for i in xrange(1001,m,2)) # since all number are 4 digits
p = p - np
rest = set([])
numbers = []
for i in p:
for j in p-rest:
if (i+j)/2 in p:
k = (i+j)>>1
if set(str(i)) == set(str(j)) == set(str(k)) :
numbers.append( [i,j,k] )
for i in numbers:
if 1487 not in i:
print "".join(map(str,(sorted(i))))
if __name__ == "__main__":
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