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Initially tried to solve by sieve. Which was time consuming, why?
Sequence of all diagnonal numbers
4*n*n-10*n+7 S-6n+6
4*n*n-6*n+3 S-2n+2
4*n*n-4*n+1 S
4*n*n-8n+5 S-4n+4
S,N = (2*n-1)**2, n-1
from math import sqrt
def isprime(n):
for i in xrange(3,int(sqrt(n)),2):
if n%i == 0:
return 0
return 1
diagPrimes = 0
for i in xrange(2,1000000):
S = (2*i-1)**2
N = (i-1)
diagPrimes += isprime(S-2*N)
diagPrimes += isprime(S-4*N)
diagPrimes += isprime(S-6*N)
if diagPrimes*100 / (4*i-3) < 10:
print 2*i-1
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