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Command-line tool for automating/speeding up monotonous things at work
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A CLI to help automate and speed up monotonous tasks at ProtoQuick.

This is built on the Click Framework, so see the documentation for more background.

Current Commands

For a comprehensive list of available commands and options, simply type pqcli or pqcli --help.

  • hi: Greets the user
  • spi: Displays the SPI surface finish standard for molding
  • open: Opens a given file (if that file is in the config file) in its application
  • cost: Calculates the cost of a plastic part based on weight, material cost, and markup

Adding Commands

Currently, the way to add a command is to insert it to the bottom of the file. Commands should follow the following format:

@pqcli.option('--count', default=1, help='number of greetings')
def hello(name):
    for x in range(count):
        click.echo("Hello {}".format(name))

As the project grows and the number of commands increases, I hope to expand the project structure to a more robust foldery structure, with each command getting its own module. Put that in the TODOS.


My goal is to develop the PQ CLI via TDD, so in theory the tests will be written before the actual functions, and they can be found in As above, it is my plan to move this to a more modular project structure as more and more commands get created. Eventually, each command subtree will have its own test module.

Future Plans

  • Fill in the README
  • Make it easier to update/modify/create config.
  • Improve erroring for config, so the user knows what's wrong.
  • Create Tests
  • Rearrange the module into real, bigkid folders
  • Update command: part cost calculater to use SQLITE db of saved
  • Create command: mold folder creation
  • Consider creating a command to go into a quasi-repl?

Additional Resources

  1. The Click Documentation
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