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Human-Robot Interaction for Cashier Robot | Final Year Project
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© 2016/2017 The University of Leeds and Rafael Papallas

This is a Final Year Project done at the University of Leeds. Should you use any of the ideas, code, images or any other material found in this repository should be reference the original author which is "The University of Leeds" and "Rafael Papallas".

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Table of Contents

0 Introduction

This repository host the "Human-Robot Interaction for Cashier Robot" project, a undergraduate final year project at the School of Computing, University of Leeds.

Although this project can possibly be improved, this is the final version submited as part of my dissertation and hence I will not consider any pull requests for changes, since I would like to keep the project at the state it has been submitted. Feel free though to have a walk around.

This project is not under active development.

Finally, the project was developed with Ubuntu 14.04 (LTS), ROS Indigo and Python2. The robot used was Baxter Robot by Rethink Robotics.


Project in pictures

Project in pictures

2 About The Project

This project is focusing on developing packages and algorithms for Baxter Robot by Rethink Robotics. The project's aim is to make Baxter a cashier in a sweetshop.

2.1 How the repository is organised

This repository makes use of most of the project managment features provided by GitHub. Including, issues, milestones, projects/boards.

By the end of the project probably most of the issues will be closed and hence you need to find the closed issues. Alternative, the Project's boards allows you to see the phase's issues under four columns (Someday/Maybe, To Do, In Progress and Done). Note that the issues/notes under Someday/Maybe are ideas or suggestions that are not of priority but will be good if implemented, however is not guaranteed that will ever be implemented.

Milestones are great way to visualise the project in different phases and issues are assigned to phases.

2.2 Make use of project's wiki (Instructions how to run the project included)

Detailed instructions on how to install, configure, print the banknotes and actually anything required to run the project is available in the Wiki of the project. Decided to move the instructions there to be able to split the instructions into pages for easier navigation. You can find the wiki here.