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SAS Programming Package for Sublime Text 3

A modest package for doing SAS programming.


Syntax definitions (highlighting) for SAS Programs and .log files. A build system that

  1. Batch-submits the currently-showing program to your local install of SAS.
  2. Waits for said program to finish.
  3. Opens the resulting .log file and checks it for errors or warnings (via a user-configurable regular expression). A macro (bound to ctrl-e) for jumping from error/warning to error/warning in your log.


  1. 'sql' starts up a proc sql - quit block.
  2. 'mac' creates the shell of a macro.
  3. 'mloop' creates a shell macro that loops through all the vars in a dataset (saving you from having to remember where to put the double-ampersands).
  4. 'frq' starts up a FREQ call.
  5. 'srt' starts up a SORT call.
  6. 'tp' starts up a TRANSPOSE call.
  7. Many more!

Indentation rules. Completions.


Installation is via the wonderful Package Control. Choose 'Package Control: Install Package' off the command palette and then find 'SAS Programming' on the resulting list.

Once that's done, create a trivial sas program (e.g., proc print data = sashelp.class ;), save it to a file (e.g., and hit ctrl-b to 'build' (aka batch-submit) your program. One of two things will happen:

  1. The package will find your copy of sas.exe in the location it expects, and the program will be batch-submitted (probably 20% of installs).
  2. The package will not find sas.exe where it's expected and it will prompt you to tell it where your sas.exe is.

If you get outcome 2 there, use the menus to navigate to Preferences -> Package Settings -> SAS -> Settings-User. That will open up the preferences file. Find and edit the value listed for the "sas-path" at the bottom. Enter the full path to your local copy of sas.exe. Windows users, note that backslash characters need to be escaped (doubled up) to be properly read.


  1. Polish build system.
  2. Play a sound at the finish of a job to call attention?
  3. Distinguish the taskbar icon from ST3's on the dialog that informs users that a build is complete?
  4. (Possible?) Bring (relevant instance of) ST3 to the fore upon dismissing finish dialog.
  5. Tap into built-in 'results view' stuff for error/warning navigations.


A Sublime Text package for SAS programming




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