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Taipo is an experimental game exploring the idea of limiting control of the game to typing random Japanese phrases. There's also an English mode.

This could turn out to be a useful tool to practice quick Japanese recognition / production.

Play Online

A web build is hosted on


Please feel free to open a PR if you are motivated. See the TODO list below and any open Github issues.


Taipo uses the Bevy engine and is pretty easy to build.

Build Dependencies

Bevy also has a few dependencies on Windows and Linux that you may need.

Build Taipo

cargo run --release

For web

cargo install cargo-make
cargo make --profile release serve


  • Move UI images into texture atlas.
  • Corpses should despawn after some time.
  • Load tower stats from game.ron.
  • Load starting yen from game.ron.
  • Position tower label placeholders in editor with a direction attribute (up/down/left/right)
  • Add a "partially typed" state to rendered glyphs?
  • If you type extra letters at the end of a target, but it otherwise matches, we should tint it red, not green.
  • Display upcoming wave's enemy type
  • ?Replace main menu with a typing interface.
  • Add some volume control, even if it's just typing "quieter" and "louder"
  • Add sound for
    • Wrong word after pressing enter
    • Correct word after pressing enter
    • Wave complete (Train Station Jingle?)
    • Enemy dealing damage
    • ?Becoming able to afford to do literally anything
    • ?Tower firing
    • ?Enemy taking damage
  • Art
    • Enemies (Last remaining BrowserQuest assets)
    • Map decorations
    • An auto-tilable tileset
    • Shuriken Tower is awful, so maybe that too
    • Another tower or two
  • Refactor so that we can restart the game without exiting and reopening.
  • More levels!
  • More words, word lists.


We're temporarily using some unmodified assets from BrowserQuest, which are licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0.