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csr21 committed Nov 30, 2004
1 parent 644265c commit 2175226de878db76d2bad18c3e47a41630899703
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@@ -19,6 +19,11 @@ Issues of code quality:
This subtraction of invariants appears to be a poor fit with the
simple class hierarchy.
+* The visualiser is a reasonable barometer onto the tightness of the
+ protocol; the current verdict is "not terribly". Aim to reduce
+ initmate knowledge of internals in the CLIM inspector in as much as
+ that's possible.
Issues of performance:
* MBR seems a little too low-level to be implemented as an (expensive,
@@ -48,4 +53,5 @@ Issues of generality:
Miscellaneous issues:
-[ none as yet ]
+* The visualiser should present and describe the object in a
+ leaf-node-entry, not just rectangles.

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