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fix a couple of style warnings in r+-trees

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1 parent 6d75e07 commit 52bbb9b96b9fee144f54d903c84a65e453a1055b csr21 committed Nov 30, 2004
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@@ -11,7 +11,9 @@
(defclass r+-tree (r-tree)
((fill-factor :initarg :fill-factor :accessor fill-factor)))
(defmethod make-spatial-tree :around ((kind (eql :r+)) &rest initargs)
- (cerror "R+ trees seem broken to me. Really make an R+ tree?")
+ (declare (ignore initargs))
+ (cerror "Make an R+-tree nevertheless"
+ "R+-trees' dynamic insertion is broken.")
(defmethod make-spatial-tree ((kind (eql :r+)) &rest initargs)
(apply #'make-instance 'r+-tree

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