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-fix bug for Eclipse projects where targets which are in a subdir whi…

…ch has the same name as the project (... and so the linked resource) could not be built
Now instead of one linked resource for each project() just one linked
resource to the top level source directory is created.
This should really avoid this type of name clashes. And to me it looks also
much less confusing.
Hopefully the name "[Source directory]" containing a space and square
brackets doesn't lead to problems somewhere. Here it works.

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commit 10aece0d8199409fbb695478eab2c60545fcf310 1 parent aa2b217
@neundorf neundorf authored
Showing with 19 additions and 19 deletions.
  1. +19 −19 Source/cmExtraEclipseCDT4Generator.cxx
38 Source/cmExtraEclipseCDT4Generator.cxx
@@ -43,9 +43,9 @@ ::GetDocumentation(cmDocumentationEntry& entry, const char*) const
entry.Name = this->GetName();
entry.Brief = "Generates Eclipse CDT 4.0 project files.";
entry.Full =
- "Project files for Eclipse will be created in the top directory "
- "and will have a linked resource to every subdirectory which "
- "features a CMakeLists.txt file containing a PROJECT() call."
+ "Project files for Eclipse will be created in the top directory. "
+ "In out of source builds, a linked resource to the top level source "
+ "directory will be created."
"Additionally a hierarchy of makefiles is generated into the "
"build tree. The appropriate make program can build the project through "
"the default make target. A \"make install\" target is also provided.";
@@ -392,24 +392,24 @@ void cmExtraEclipseCDT4Generator::CreateProjectFile()
if (this->IsOutOfSourceBuild)
fout << "\t<linkedResources>\n";
- // for each sub project create a linked resource to the source dir
- // - only if it is an out-of-source build
- for (std::map<cmStdString, std::vector<cmLocalGenerator*> >::const_iterator
- it = this->GlobalGenerator->GetProjectMap().begin();
- it != this->GlobalGenerator->GetProjectMap().end();
- ++it)
- {
- std::string linkSourceDirectory = this->GetEclipsePath(
- it->second[0]->GetMakefile()->GetStartDirectory());
- // .project dir can't be subdir of a linked resource dir
- if (!cmSystemTools::IsSubDirectory(this->HomeOutputDirectory.c_str(),
+ // create a linked resource to CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR
+ // (this is not done anymore for each project because of
+ // and because I found it
+ // actually quite confusing in bigger projects with many directories and
+ // projects, Alex
+ std::string sourceLinkedResourceName = "[Source directory]";
+ std::string linkSourceDirectory = this->GetEclipsePath(
+ mf->GetStartDirectory());
+ // .project dir can't be subdir of a linked resource dir
+ if (!cmSystemTools::IsSubDirectory(this->HomeOutputDirectory.c_str(),
- {
- this->AppendLinkedResource(fout, it->first,
- this->GetEclipsePath(linkSourceDirectory));
- this->SrcLinkedResources.push_back(it->first);
- }
+ {
+ this->AppendLinkedResource(fout, sourceLinkedResourceName,
+ this->GetEclipsePath(linkSourceDirectory));
+ this->SrcLinkedResources.push_back(sourceLinkedResourceName);
// for EXECUTABLE_OUTPUT_PATH when not in binary dir
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