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Commits on Jan 10, 2012
@godbyk godbyk Adding script to find bullet libraries.
It may be useful to split the invidual bullet libraries into components,
but their pkgconfig script lists all of them unconditionally, so I've
followed suit for the time being.
@godbyk godbyk Added script to find Google flags library.
The Google flags library doesn't come with a pkgconfig file, but we
check for one just in case they include it in the future.
@godbyk godbyk Adding script to find Google logging library. 0159813
@godbyk godbyk Adding script to find libxml++-2.6. 8867672
@godbyk godbyk Adding script to find libxml2. f0aee9d
@godbyk godbyk Adding script to find glib-2.0. 5f38327
@godbyk godbyk Adding script to find glibmm-2.4. 84f5a3a
@godbyk godbyk Adding script to find gobject-2.0 library. dbfdbdd
@godbyk godbyk Adding script to find gthread-2.0 library. 73e2c0d
@godbyk godbyk Adding script to find sigc++-2.0 library. 8b21a26
@godbyk godbyk Incorporated some of Ryan's suggestions.
Consolidated calls to mark_as_advanced().
Fixed a pasto in FindBullet.cmake.
@godbyk godbyk Quieted the pkg_check_modules command. e656bc1
@godbyk godbyk Moved the QUIET keyword in the pkg_check_modules macro. dec9322
@godbyk godbyk Adding script to find the FMOD library.
This script doesn't do quite as much as the original one (yet), but it's
much cleaner and a lot less noisy.
@rpavlik improve how bullet sets things as advanced 066fdd6
@rpavlik Use a bullet_root_dir cache var as a hint overriding pkgconfig 564d9fe
@rpavlik bullet's call to handlestandardargs should have the same capitalizati…
…on as the filename
@rpavlik remove unneeded section from bullet module d9ed439
@rpavlik no linker flags for bullet 8cd00c2
@rpavlik simplify the bullet finder a bit more 5eba274
@rpavlik Same basic changes to findfmod 65b810e
@godbyk godbyk Cleaned up scripts and added dependency graph generator script.
Added licenses (Boost 1.0), dependency graph info, simplified some code.
@godbyk godbyk Added XXX_ROOT_DIR variables and cleaned up some scripts. 7fa48a9
@godbyk godbyk Changed the FMOD include directory. 5923a8c
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