An installer to provide a MinTTY context-menu option for Git Bash
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MinTTY for Git for Windows

Free yourself from the cmd.exe console, and enjoy a modern terminal emulator.


Download from the GitHub page above by clicking "Downloads", or follow this direct link to the MinTTY for Git for Windows download page.


Adds a context menu (right-click) item to folders for "Git Bash Here (MinTTY)" which will open your standard Git Bash in the very comfortable MinTTY console instead of the painful Windows one. Uninstall will similarly remove the entry, keeping things nice and tidy.

Includes MinTTY 1.0.3, MSYS version.

For a useful quick summary of why MinTTY is cool, see

This package is mostly just a nice installer around MinTTY, a Windows Scripting Host script to tidily perform the appropriate launching, and the registry entries needed to add a context menu item. It must be installed to the same place as Git, and you must already have Git for Windows installed.


Version 1.1 - 17 May 2012

Bug-fix release: launch using the right Windows Scripting Host executable to avoid this bug plaguing Git for Windows that causes problems only on Windows XP x64 and Server 2003 x64. Yes, this means that not only is this a nicer terminal to use, it's also a workaround for a bothersome bug!

Version 1.0 - 17 May 2012

Initial release.


See licenses.txt for full license info on bundled files.