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- Script to set sync-blank for the second screen
- Fix boundary-handling to check if window is in the bar
- Make sure we use global/absolute coords instead of local when checking position of widget with regard to the bar
- Ensure that adding a canvassedwindow to a canvassedpile removes it from the pilecanvas on its own to prevent image duplication and weirdness when handling events.
- Determine if a canvassedpile should be a MTScatterPlane (infinite size???) or MTScatterWidget/Svg (limited size)
- Improve placing windows initially - use something other than uniform random coordinates.
- add rotate support and buttons to control rotation (permitting 180 and 90 deg rotates to make image sensible to user)
- Put all restored windows into one pile?
- Simple reclustering algorithm conducted after on_touch_up
- svg as wallpaper (patch to pymt?)
- don't permit windows to be thrown offscreen (patch to pymt MTKinetic, as an optional behavior?)
- allow kinetic windows to be "caught" (patch to pymt MTKinetic, as an optional behavior?)
- move windows to/from bar when getting an update-state that changes status
- double-tap to bring to front
- Permanently enable piles
- "flip" action to offer additional options for each canvassedwindow