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@@ -1,6 +1,10 @@
README for tactus-navigation
tactus-navigation: Copyright 2009, Ryan Pavlik <>
+This version: v1.0.1 - Released 10 May 2009
tactus-navigation is a task-management interface designed for Linux computers
using standard keyboard, mouse, and display, as well as a multi-touch display
(preferably horizontal and opposite the mouse, for bimanual input). The
@@ -12,7 +16,7 @@ Senior Capstone project course. The corresponding web site (for the
combined hardware-software system) is
This project's code is hosted on GitHub - the canonical version is at:
@@ -26,21 +30,27 @@ for best results run the full default install script.
Check out the CS460 page for rp-mt-scripts:
-or soon-to-be better, the project page on GitHub:
+or the project page on GitHub for the latest release:
2. Make sure you have pymt installed and updated using rp-mt-scripts! The
-pymt package must be installed (apt-cache policy pymt to make sure.)
+pymt package must be installed - the install script will check.
+3. Install tactus from where you downloaded or cloned it by running
+Either start it in a terminal, or choose Run in Terminal when double-clicking,
+since it will need you to enter your password to install required packages.
-3. Run tbeta (in rp-mt-scripts, ./ , hit b to save background,
-and hit space to go to mini mode) if you are using an actual mt device. No
-need to run FLOSC since this isn't written in Flash.
+4. Run tbeta (in rp-mt-scripts/scripts, ./ , hit b to save
+background, and hit space to go to mini mode) if you are using an actual mt
+device. No need to run FLOSC since this isn't written in Flash.
-4. Run
-cd whereveryouclonedtactus/py
+5. Run ./tactus-navigator from wherever you installed the tactus download.
+ (This is a symbolic link to - you can run the file directly:
+ cd whereveryouclonedtactus/py
+ ./
+ and it does the same thing.)
-5. Have fun! Hit esc to exit until I have a more clever way set up.
+6. Have fun! Hit esc or press the "exit" button to exit.
@@ -53,22 +63,15 @@ Requirements:
- (Recommended) rp-mt-scripts to install the latest pymt as a debian package
as well as other software needed if you actually have an MT surface.
- - A recent (probably SVN) version of PyMT
+ - A recent (probably development) version of PyMT
rp-mt-scripts can automatically install the latest as a debian package,
which should probably work just spiffy!
(It does need to be installed system-wide so at least use checkinstall
to make a package when installing so you can cleanly remove it.)
- Tested compatible SVN revisions of PyMT:
- (rp-mt: pymt package version 0.0.rev-datebuilt, we only care about rev)
- 801 (back to 799 should also be fine too, at least - didn't see any
- important core changes when I just built a new package.)
- Of course, I see now that they just moved to Mercurial for source
- control, so the rp-mt-scripts will be ported sooner or later. GitHub
- will always have the latest.
+ If you have anything since subversion revision 801, including any
+ mercurial ("Hg") version, it will be new enough - just use the scripts.
More Info:
@@ -80,3 +83,9 @@ To see source code, history, etc, check the GitHub repository:
If you find a bug, file an issue in my GitHub project:
+Version History:
+v1.0.1 - Released 10 May 2009
+v1.0 - "defense-release" - Released 4 May 2009
@@ -1,9 +1,18 @@
- Script to set sync-blank for the second screen
- - Re-enable pile support, incl. on_touch_up handler on piles
+ - Fix boundary-handling to check if window is in the bar
+ - Make sure we use global/absolute coords instead of local when checking position of widget with regard to the bar
+ - Ensure that adding a canvassedwindow to a canvassedpile removes it from the pilecanvas on its own to prevent image duplication and weirdness when handling events.
+ - Determine if a canvassedpile should be a MTScatterPlane (infinite size???) or MTScatterWidget/Svg (limited size)
+ - Improve placing windows initially - use something other than uniform random coordinates.
+ - add rotate support and buttons to control rotation (permitting 180 and 90 deg rotates to make image sensible to user)
- Put all restored windows into one pile?
- Simple reclustering algorithm conducted after on_touch_up
- svg as wallpaper (patch to pymt?)
+ - don't permit windows to be thrown offscreen (patch to pymt MTKinetic, as an optional behavior?)
+ - allow kinetic windows to be "caught" (patch to pymt MTKinetic, as an optional behavior?)
- move windows to/from bar when getting an update-state that changes status
- double-tap to bring to front
+ - Permanently enable piles
+ - "flip" action to offer additional options for each canvassedwindow

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