Windows binaries of the VR Juggler software package, built by Ryan Pavlik at Iowa State University (link goes to upstream)
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VR Juggler Windows Binaries

Built by Ryan Pavlik

Upstream project page: VR Juggler

Build Information


There is no "Installation" process - this is a self-contained "prefix" of software. There is a vc9-cmd-prompt-here.cmd script that essentially starts a "Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt" in which the %PATH% has been extended to include the bin and lib directories (so DLLs can be found), and the current directory has been set as both %VJ_BASE_DIR% and %VJ_DEPS_DIR% (so VR Juggler and handmade Visual Studio projects can find things). Using this script means you do not need to set/modify any system-wide environment variables. In fact, setting %VJ_BASE_DIR% and %VJ_DEPS_DIR% system-wide can goof things up (particularly running installed apps and vrjconfig)

  • If you're using CMake for VR Juggler, add the directory where you saved this to your CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH, and you'll be able to build your app. (Recommended because it's cross-platform.)

  • If you're using just straight Visual Studio projects that refer to the environment variables VJ_BASE_DIR and VJ_DEPS_DIR in their configuration (such as the samples that come with, you can double-click vc9-cmd-prompt-here.cmd and run devenv to start Visual Studio's IDE. Or, just double-click visual-studio-ide-here.cmd, which launches it directly without leaving a command prompt open.

  • vrjconfig can be started with the vrjconfig.cmd file.

  • You can also run VR Juggler apps from the vc9-cmd-prompt-here.cmd prompt (you can drop the exe into the command window to enter its full path) - the variables set by the script will ensure it can find everything it needs from VR Juggler.

  • Finally, you could place a VR Juggler application .exe directly in the bin directory to run it, though this is a bit hacky to be doing on a regular basis during development.

Included Dependencies

Used during build and also needed to build applications, so bundled in this tree

Other Dependencies Used

Used during build (for plugins, generally), not usually needed to build VR Juggler applications, SDK not bundled in this tree