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GUI for VRPN-based Wii Remote Head Tracker
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Wii Remote Head Tracker (with Integrated GUI)

This application builds on the Wii Remote Head Tracking filter module 
for VRPN by providing an easy-to-use, fully-integrated tracking server. 

Please acknowledge use of this tracking system in academic papers and 
publications by citing the following paper:

  Pavlik, R.A., and Vance, J.M., 2010, "A Modular Implementation of Wii 
  Remote Head Tracking for Virtual Reality," ASME Paper No. 
  WINVR2010-3771. Proc. 2010 World Conference on Innovative Virtual 

If you cite this work or use this tracking system, we would appreciate 
hearing from you. You may contact the main developer, Ryan Pavlik (Iowa 
State University), by email at <> or 

Paper materials and copies of publications may be mailed to:

  Ryan Pavlik
  Virtual Reality Applications Center
  1620 Howe Hall
  Ames, Iowa 50011-2274

Build Dependencies

Build instructions (primarily tailored toward Linux) can be found in INSTALL.
The process for Windows is very similar (cmake-gui will probably be more
comfortable than command line, and you'll get Visual Studio solution files
to build instead of makefiles).  (Plus, there's binaries for Windows, so
building isn't as common.)

- CMake 2.6 or newer (the latest version is recommended), to generate build
files for VRPN and this app

- These dependencies can be built automatically by the build system:

  - VRPN with Ryan's Tracker_WiimoteHead device (19 May 2010 or newer): 
  VRPN 07.27 might be compatible, VRPN 07.28 will likely be compatible, or 
  go to (Public domain + BSL 1.0)

  - WiiUse - needed for VRPN (GPL3)

  - FLTK 1.1.x and FLUID UI designer/compiler (LGPL2 with exceptions) 

  - Fl_Native_File_Chooser (source included with this package) (LGPL2 with 

License (for tracking module and GUI source)
Copyright Iowa State University 2009-2010
Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.
(See accompanying file LICENSE_1_0.txt or copy at

See all_licenses.txt for a compilation of licenses for all software used 
by this application. 
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