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godbyk commented Feb 6, 2012

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@rpavlik rpavlik commented on an outdated diff Feb 6, 2012
@@ -3,16 +3,16 @@
# These functions force a re-configure on each git commit so that you can
# trust the values of the variables in your build system.
-# get_git_head_revision(<refspecvar> <hashvar> [<additonal arguments to git describe> ...])
rpavlik Feb 6, 2012 Owner

Hmm, apparently I should run codespell on my cmake scripts, if I haven't already - I might just not have updated this repo.

@rpavlik rpavlik and 1 other commented on an outdated diff Feb 6, 2012
@@ -105,7 +105,7 @@ function(get_vs_version_string generator var)
- # Setup some auxilary macros
rpavlik Feb 6, 2012 Owner

So this would actually be an upstream bug in CMake - IIRC, I just took their CTest script directly from a 2.8.1 distribution and have it here in case you are using < 2.8.1. if it still exists in newer versions.

godbyk Feb 6, 2012 Contributor

Running codespell on cmake's git repository turns up a whole slew of typos. I'll file patches against upstream to fix those soon.

@rpavlik rpavlik commented on an outdated diff Feb 6, 2012
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@
<pre> Custom CMake Modules - Additional Modules for CMake.</pre>
-<p>This is the documentation for additional modules and scripts for CMake. Using these modules you can check the computer system for installed software packages, features of the compiler and the existance of headers to name just a few.</p>
rpavlik Feb 6, 2012 Owner

This is also an upstream bug in cmake - this and the associated .txt file are generated by a script that calls CMake to parse the modules and output their documentation.

rpavlik commented Feb 6, 2012

Wow, quite thorough - did you use codespell or another tool?

godbyk commented Feb 6, 2012

I just used codespell. Currently, codespell uses a short dictionary of commonly misspelled words. Last night I added some code to use other spell-checkers (via pyEnchant). This works great for text, but not so well for code (as it things all your functions and variables are misspelled). So my next step will be to parse the code and only run spell-check on comments and maybe variables.

rpavlik commented Feb 6, 2012

you are a crazy man. (in a good way.) You do know that Eclipse has comment spell-checking built in, right?

To parse the code, use clang, in particular, the python library for libclang is probably what you want. Don't try to parse anything anywhere close to C++ yourself.

godbyk commented Feb 6, 2012

On Mon, Feb 6, 2012 at 4:40 PM, Ryan Pavlik

you are a crazy man. (in a good way.)  You do know that Eclipse has comment spell-checking built in, right?

To parse the code, use clang, in particular, the python library for libclang is probably what you want. Don't try to parse anything anywhere close to C++ yourself.

libclang might even be overkill. (It's probably the ideal solution,
but I don't want to have to deal with ASTs and the like.) I was
thinking of seeing of pygments (a syntax highlighter) would work well
enough. It'd provide some cross-language support, too.

I use vim, which also has support for spell-checking comments.
Unfortunately, that involves opening each file individually, which is
lame. Codespell works in batch mode, which is much faster.


casallas commented Feb 8, 2012

I learn things every day here, I should probably run my code through codespell =)

Besides from that, considering Ryan's comments, maybe you could split this pull request into wiiuse-related and cmake-related stuff Kevin?

rpavlik commented Feb 8, 2012

Yeah, if you can rebase -i to remove the cmake-related stuff and push -f to this branch again, I'll def. merge it!

godbyk commented Feb 18, 2012

I reverted the cmake spelling fixes. (Hopefully I didn't mangle this pull request at the same time. If so, let me know and I'll create a new one.)

rpavlik commented Feb 20, 2012

hey cool, that actually worked! Thanks!

@rpavlik rpavlik merged commit 3ad3c39 into rpavlik:master Feb 20, 2012
godbyk commented Feb 20, 2012

I actually did a git reset instead of a rebase. So I just reverted to the previous commit and recommitted the non-cmake changes.

rpavlik commented Feb 21, 2012

alright, sounds good. Effectively the same output, just different process.

@rpavlik rpavlik added a commit that referenced this pull request Apr 25, 2016
@rpavlik Squashed 'cmake/' changes from cac13f1..2c5bec7
2c5bec7 Update WinHID drastically to use FindWindowsSDK, so it can easily build against much newer SDKs/DDKs/WDKs.
2273ac4 Add two new functions to FindWindowsSDK
eded907 Fix quietness of finding windows SDK and add comment
3f5f7df Add a module to help find things on MinGW (specifically MSYS2).
c90ca93 Backported bugfixed version of WriteCompilerDetectionHeader.
6a941e5 ColibriApi: Module written for VRPN.
1dd3d89 Another flag in ExtraCompilerWarnings, to get GCC to stop whining about boost::optional.
90d1a89 Formatting fix in finddirectshow
8b37b27 Updated the InterSense finder to look in default install locations.
bd6a7ca Improvements to the WindowsSDK finder for newer win10 sdks and better handling of them.
58ed198 Add a minor tweak to the VRPN module
83a2091 Add a FindJsonCpp module I wrote for various OSVR projects.
faf198f Major improvements to FindSDL2 for Mac support. Thanks to David, aka @d235j for lots of help.
fe2273c Add GenerateCompatibilityVersionFile, for keeping your msvc from compiling against your android builds.
01d0c41 Major improvements to FindWindowsSDK and FindDirectShow
16a3a8c Add an upstream "FindGit" from CMake 3.2.0
6bc6a53 Fix up create dashboard scripts to use a shared Git location.
1cc81cc Improve SDL2 finder
53d7c1b Improve quiet finding.
dbd7ca2 Trailing newline
834581c Add a handful of new modules.
403a97d Fix copyright line.
3e2ae75 Merge pull request #40 from Meinersbur/patch-2
a3da0c4 Use CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR consistently
5b85e5c Merge pull request #23 from StudioEtrange/master
e5a5957 Merge pull request #26 from tomgey/master
23aa3af Merge pull request #31 from janisz/Get_CPU_count
be74670 Merge pull request #34 from redstar/packed_ref
b9ae011 Use .git/packed-refs if ref is not found.
c999fd3 Rename opencv finder to indicate it only looks for old OpenCV.
4fec79f Add CopyImportedTarget.
403d8a9 Update readme.
eb5d23a Add udev and Xrandr finder, by @godbyk
5d6c1fe Add Oculus SDK finder - initial version by @godbyk, tweaks by me.
d2d8ee7 VRPN: Optionally include LibUSB1
fe91913 Add some more ghost fake ehaders.
1cf5047 Update comment.
55d43d6 VRPN/quatlib: Look in where the VRPN CMake installs by default.
66ef6a7 Minor HIDAPI finding changes.
21d2a60 CMake >= 3.1 doesn't like the construction "$ENV{ProgramFiles(x86)}", so we work around it.
2ea7475 Improve directx support.
af2331f Find and use MSCGEN in Doxygen.
2ff8db9 Merge pull request #32 from vladzzag/master
fef6dfd Added FindWayland.cmake
f9bdb65 Set CPU_Count in GetCPUDetails
0f545c3 Update launcher templates to match attributes.
5be4bc0 Add a module to extract a preprocessor definition.
da8b557 Find libfreespace
c230fc3 Get better at finding libusb1 without pkg-config
87b6fa2 Fix tabs
6870fac Update directshow, windowssdk, directx, and winhid (related)
9728850 Remove outdated/replaced module
ceb6031 Don't use the -Weffc++ warning flag
7b5680a Improvements to doxygentargets
4bc009e Add gitattributes file, primarily to handle launcher templates.
1abc46a Fixes to DoxygenTargets.cmake
039b677 Merge pull request #27 from inolen/master
2ee9364 Update README.markdown
2784e2f added FORCE parameter to enable checking all preprocessor configurations use target's INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES property to pass include directories to cppcheck
370d602 BoostTestTargets: fix setting FAIL_REGULAR_EXPRESSION without TESTS list
ee59dc8 BoostTestTargets: compatibility with CMake 2.6
08e6657 allow to use semi colon in var like ENVIRONMENT. We need this on windows for setting PATH variable.
ce48ca6 agive a chance to choose PLATFORM and fxes when RUNTIME_LIBRARIES_ENVIRONMENT is empty
298ec78 Use CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR in GetGitRevisionDescription.
8def499 Windows SDK updates from working on VRPN
9244b84 Impending CMake 3.0 implies that 2.9.0 is no longer ~= infinity.
368d53e Update backported module and add backported ParseArguments.
5fa68c1 Merge pull request #19 from PiQuer/master
ef7faf4 use CMAKE_CURRENT_LISTDIR instead of CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR as GIT_PARENT This guarantees that the search begins in the subdirectory (submodule) where the function is called. Otherwise we will most likely pick up the super-repository.
e557594 Merge pull request #17 from gunnarbeutner/patch-1
dc238c7 Merge pull request #18 from PiQuer/master
41097f2 make GetGitRevisionDescription.cmake aware of submodules
67c8277 Fix syntax error in BoostTestTargets.cmake
f77873d Update help files.
7eef0a6 Add FindInterSense.cmake
3f1a82f Fix up OpenHaptics nested targets.
4f298e1 Improve windows SDK finding.
11b88e5 Find DirectX XInput library
29bb4a7 Merge pull request #15 from freitass/patch-1
df6aaf4 Merge pull request #16 from lpberg/winhid-wdk8
a287055 added support for wdk8 in WinHID
d3a5109 Make launchers on *nix executable
95ae78e Fix VR Juggler base path determination.
c9b7f60 Fix CreateLaunchers to support forward-compatible VC versions
ec42f07 Skip calibration.table - not used
739f05a Fix FindVRJuggler for newer cmake versions
7eb150d Update help.
3c6058b Update find vrjuggler 3.0 to work more reliably
f72cefb Fixed cppcheck unusedFunction option
f9fd40c Try handling new versions of cppdom that have their own config file.
b13f248 Update WindowsSDK for VS2012
f763d94 Explicitly specify a binary dir for openhaptics nested targets.
0dd813a Update copyright date
1ad505f Update note about git-subtree
3af26c6 Improve finder for winhid

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