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Fluid css grid

MON 14/0414

This is my first "real" GitHub repository rhd_DEgs.

Detail for rhd_DEgs v1.0

This is my first attempt at a fluid css grid. I have made my own grid and css classes in my attempt to create a fluid css grid with fluid and responsive, mobile first web design. Basically this relies on a combination of a fluid grid with media queries and image percentage scaling.

There are many fluid (and some responsive ) css grids already available (eg Unsemantic,Melody grid and many more).

My code here is heavily based on James Dinsdale's (@molovo)Melody css fluid grid.


Currently I only have added a basic html5 file eg rhd_DEgs.html. I plan to add the images and other files necessary for this page to work properly very soon.


rhd_DEgs fluid css grid now begins development by me. Feel free to use it if you wish...

ENJOY! :-)