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Rick Dillon's Emacs Configuration
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Emacs Config


Tested with Emacs 24.4.1 on GNU/Linux (Kubuntu 14.04 3.13.0-45-generic)

cd ~
git clone
mkdir .emacs.d
cd .emacs.d
ln -s ~/emacs-config/*.el .


This is my everyday Emacs config, which I use for Ruby development, Python development, and writing (in Markdown and Org-Mode).

This config makes heavy use of ELPA/MELPA/Marmalade to install necessary packages. It adds the proper repositories on startup, checks for packages that are not yet installed and installs them, and then executes the rest of the config to set things up.

In short, if you don't have internet access during the initial run, things won't work.

This is my actual working config, and while it doesn't contain any information that's particularly sensitive, no effort has been made to allow it to be customized, so there are lots of opinionated settings (like font, theme, and browser) and accelerators that others may not want to use.

A Short History

This repo used to take a more heavy approach in which the config was written in Org and tangled into a .el file on startup. All necessary modules were included as git submodules.

I removed the use of Org because it added an extra step to the startup process and didn't substantially improve readability of the config itself.

I stopped using Git submodules when third-party ELPA repositories contained all the software I needed.

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