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Richard P. Dillon

2001 Alameda de Las Pulgas Unit 178 | San Mateo, CA | 619.758.3547 | rpdillon@killring.org ---


I'm a computer scientist and software engineer with ten years of experience working in research and commercial contexts at both large and small companies. I lead teams and build useful software by developing functional, simple, and correct components, assembling them, releasing early, and iterating often. Experienced with GNU/Linux, Emacs, Java, Python.


Apartment List, Inc.

Director of Engineering, API, June 2014–Present

API and backend services team lead. Responsible for API design and service implementations powering web, Android and iOS clients. Rails and Postgres.

Director of Engineering, Android, June 2013–June 2014

Lead developer and manager of inaugural Android team for flagship Apartment List app. Parallel network access for search and display of one million rentals across the United States. Google Play Services, Volley, Dagger, RxJava. 50,000+ active users.

Senior Rails Engineer, June 2012–June 2013

Designed and implemented data ingress systems responsible for transform and transport of over one million listings a day. Designed and developed AMQP-based data transport system used organization-wide. Increased listing throughput ten-fold.

Software Development Engineer, A2Z Development Center, 2011–2012

Amazon MP3 Web Store Development

One of three developers for Amazon's MP3 web store. Responsible for a codebase supporting over a dozen browser variants across five operating systems in five countries vending 17 million tracks. Responsible for ongoing feature enhancements, latency improvements, international expansion and storefront integration with numerous backend storage, catalog and purchasing services. Instrumental in refactoring core business logic, adding over 2,500 initial unit tests and structuring code to support automated testing. Perl, Mason, HTML/JavaScript/CSS, Java.

Senior Software Engineer, Lockheed Martin Advanced Technologies, 2004–2011

Augmented Reality Prototyping for DARPA ULTRA-Vis

Prototyped wearable, P2P-networked augmented reality system to enhance situational awareness for dismounted warfighters. Developed sensor alignment algorithms and integrated hardware and software components from five partners; successfully demonstrated in the field to DARPA personnel in January 2010. Java, Clojure.

Genetic Algorithm Optimization and Supply Chain Simulation

Lead developer on R&D project to optimize global reverse supply chain logistics. Developed global routing simulation in Scala to power GA objective function. Distributed GA computation across tuple space distributed computing platform to perform search for optimal facility placement on eight-node cluster. Cited by program manager as most successful of his R&D efforts in 2008. Scala.

Cluster-based Network Simulation

Co-developed cluster-based simulation environment to demonstrate scalability of distributed architecture for sensor data fusion. Integrated simulation code with replicated worker tuple space distribution framework to simulate 1300-node scenario using eight-node cluster. Presented network simulation techniques at 2005 Jini Community Meeting, Chicago, IL. Java, Python.

Division Officer, USS Boxer (LHD-4), United States Navy, 2001-2004

Led a division of 60 sailors responsible for shipwide damage control. Awarded two Navy Achievement Medals and cited as Commanding Officer's most trusted Officer of the Deck during three deployments to Arabian Gulf; responsible for conducting amphibious and helicopter operations in hostile waters off the coast of Iraq and Kuwait in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Awards, Articles and Presentations

  • Four awards from 2005-2009: two Special Recognition Awards and two Spot awards for R&D work on data fusion, genetic algorithms and learning classifiers.
  • Presenter at 2011 Lockheed Martin Agile Software Engineering Workshop in Bethesda, MD
  • Nominated for the Lockheed Martin Executive Technical Roundtable Mentoring Program (2011)
  • Presented paper at at WorldComp ICWN 2008: A Self-Organizing System for Regulating Data Flow through Highly Bandwidth-Constrained Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Speaker at JavaOne 2007 on the Open-Source Java Projects: Meet the Sausage Makers Panel
  • Speaker at 2005 Jini Community Meeting: Using JavaSpaces to Simulate Large-Scale Jini Service Networks


  • Master of Computer Science (GPA: 3.93), 2010 (North Carolina State University Raleigh, NC)
  • Bachelor of Science, Operations Research, 2000 (Cornell University Ithaca, NY)