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Wikid - A Distributed Wiki based on Mercurial SCM

Wikid is a prototype distributed wiki. It takes a Mercurial repository filled with RestructuredText files and serves them as a wiki. Wikid allows local editing of the files through a browser or via the commandline (with standard Mercurial commits), and allows viewing of the wiki in a browser from remote machines. Because Wikid is a distributed wiki in the same sense that Mercurial is a distributed SCM, changes are intended to be propagated among users using standard distributed SCM pathways, not through a browser.

The reason to provide browser access primarily to allow new users to be able to view the contents of a Wikid wiki without having to understand RestructuredText markup.

It is known to work (with plenty of bugs) on both GNU/Linux and OS X, but have some trouble on Windows. Lots of work is needed on all platforms; this is only a prototype, at the moment.

Wikid should not be confused with the open-source two-factor authentication system of the same name (but with different capitalization). They are completely unrelated in both functionality and authorship.