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done -- a simple, elegant command line todo list tool

done is a todo list tool designed for me. You might enjoy it, as well.

It was inspired by:
    the darcs UI
    remember the milk
and aims to distill my favorite aspects of each of these tools into one, useful tool.

It was initially written in Haskell as a pedagogical exercise. I found that I
was beginning to rely on it but was having trouble getting into Haskell enough
to really make it code I was proud of. So I rewrote it in Python.

It uses sqlite3.


Design notes:

    d a [-d due] task
        add a task, optional natural language due date
    d l [-s (due|created)] [-f] [filter...]
        list out tasks, optional sort, optional filters
    d d [filter...]
        go through tasks to mark finished ones, optional filters
    d r [filter...]
        go through tasks to remove them from the list
    d b
        launch sqlite3 backend

$: d a '7708 check logs again' -d tomorrow
$: d a '7848 write trigger'
$: d a '7848 write function'
$: d l
    7708 check logs again (due 17 Feb 2010)
    7848 write trigger
    7848 write function
$: d l 7848
    7848 write trigger
    7848 write function
$: d d 7708
    finished with...
        7708 check logs again (due 17 Feb 2010)? [yN]:y
    X 7708 check logs again (due 17 Feb 2010)
$: d d 7848
    finished with...
        7848 write trigger? [yN]:y
        7848 write function? [yN]:n
    X 7848 write trigger
$: d l
    7848 write function
$: d b
    quit and spawn sqlite3 instance
$: d h
    Usage: ...


DB schema:
    id primary key
    desc text
    due integer
    created integer
    done boolean default 0