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* This header is generated by class-dump-z 0.2-1.
* class-dump-z is Copyright (C) 2009 by KennyTM~, licensed under GPLv3.
* Source: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/DataAccess.framework/DataAccess
#import <Foundation/NSObject.h>
@class NSMutableData;
@interface WBXMLData : NSObject {
NSMutableData* _data;
unsigned char _currentCodePage;
BOOL _haveAppliedCurrentCodePage;
NSMutableData* _stateStack;
@property(readonly, assign, nonatomic) NSMutableData* data;
-(unsigned char)currentCodePage;
-(void)switchToCodePage:(unsigned char)codePage;
-(void)openProspectiveTag:(unsigned char)tag;
-(void)closeProspectiveTag:(unsigned char)tag;
-(void)appendEmptyTag:(unsigned char)tag;
-(void)openTag:(unsigned char)tag;
-(void)closeTag:(unsigned char)tag;
-(void)appendTag:(unsigned char)tag withStringContent:(id)stringContent;
-(void)appendTag:(unsigned char)tag withIntContent:(int)intContent;
// inherited: -(void)dealloc;
// inherited: -(id)init;
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