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* This header is generated by class-dump-z 0.1-11o.
* class-dump-z is Copyright (C) 2009 by KennyTM~, licensed under GPLv3.
#import "UIKit-Structs.h"
#import <Foundation/NSObject.h>
#import <Availability2.h>
@class UIView, NSString;
@protocol CAMediaTiming;
@interface UIViewAnimationState : NSObject {
UIViewAnimationState* _nextState;
NSString* _animationID;
void* _context;
id _delegate;
double _duration;
double _delay;
double _frameInterval;
double _start;
int _curve;
float _repeatCount;
int _transition;
UIView* _transitionView;
int _filter;
UIView* _filterView;
float _filterValue;
SEL _willStartSelector;
SEL _didEndSelector;
int _didEndCount;
CGPoint _position;
unsigned _willStartSent : 1;
unsigned _useCurrentLayerState : 1;
unsigned _cacheTransition : 1;
unsigned _autoreverses : 1;
unsigned _roundsToInteger : 1;
unsigned _reserved : 27;
+(void)pushViewAnimationState:(id)state context:(void*)context;
-(void)setAnimationAttributes:(id<CAMediaTiming>)attributes; // save the attributes of the animation state *into* the argument.
-(void)sendDelegateAnimationDidStop:(id)sendDelegateAnimation finished:(BOOL)finished;
-(void)animationDidStop:(id)animation finished:(BOOL)finished;