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This is a fork of DHowett's theos. For the original see http://github.com/DHowett/theos

#Theos A user-friendly framework for creating open iPhone projects

Initial Setup

Mac OS X

  1. Download and install iPhone SDK. Be sure to include the iPhone 3.0 SDK version
  2. Download and install latest git version from Google Code
  3. Type cd ~ && git clone git://github.com/rpetrich/theos.git inside a shell (via Terminal.app)

Project Setup

  1. Open a command shell and cd to the directory where you store your projects
  2. ~/theos/new-tweak.sh tweakname (where tweakname is the name of the new project you are creating)
  3. cd tweakname

You are now inside the new project's directory

Using Theos

make Builds all targets by compiling the necessary files and linking them
make clean Cleans all targets and removes temporary files
make package Creates a debian package using the contents of layout directory and the compiled build targets
make update-framework Updates your project to use the latest version of the theos framework