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A simple test runner for NodeJS applications.
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Whiskey is a simple test runner for NodeJS applications.


  • Each test file is run in a separate process
  • Support for a test file timeout
  • Support for a "failfast mode" (runner exits after a first failure / timeout)
  • setUp / tearDown function support
  • Support for a global initialization function which is run once before all the tests
  • Support for a test initialization function which is run before running the tests in a test file
  • Nicely formatted output (colors!)



Console output


  • optparse-js
  • async
  • sprintf


  • 15.04.2011 - v0.2.3:

    • Better reporting on a test file timeout
    • Properly report if a test file does not exist or some other uncaught exception was thrown
    • Fix a bug with output buffer not being fully flushed on exit on OS X
    • add --print-stdout and --print-stderr option
  • 30.03.2011 - v0.2.2:

    • Add timeout support to the init, setUp and tearDown function - if the callback passed to one of those functions is not called in timeout milliseconds, an exception is thrown and test execution is aborted
    • Test timeout is now properly reported as a failure
  • 27.03.2011 - v0.2.1:

    • Handle uncaughtExceptions better
    • Use lighter colors so test status output is more distinguishable
    • Fix bug with "cannot find module" exception not being properly reported
    • Add support for per-test file init function / file
    • Print stdout and stderr on failure
  • 26.03.2011 - v0.2.0

    • Add support for the failfast mode (runner exists after a first failure)
    • User can specify custom test timeout by passing in the --timeout argument
    • Add support for a setUp and tearDown function
    • Add colors to the output
    • Now each test file must export all the test functions so the runner can iterate over them
    • Add support for a global initialization file / function (init function in this file is run before all the tests in a main process and can perform some kind of global initialization)
    • Add support for --chdir argument
  • 25.03.2011 - v0.1.0

    • Initial release (refactor module out from Cast and move it into a separate project)


Install it using npm: npm install whiskey


whiskey [options] --tests <test files>

Available options

-t, --tests - Whitespace separated list of test files to run
-i, --init-file - A path to the initialization file which must export init function which is called once in the main process before running the tests
-ti, --test-init-file - A path to the initialization file which must export
init function and it is called in a child process before running the tests in each test file
-c, --chdir - An optional path to which the child process will chdir to before running the tests
-f, --failfaist - Use this option to exit upon first failure / timeout

Note: When specifying multiple test a list with the test paths must be quoted, for example: whiskey --tests "tests/a.js tests/b.js tests/c.js"


For examples, check the example folder.

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