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This is the source for the website of

It contains all the necessary files/js/flatfiles that is needed to power the website. compile it using Hugo.

Non-Stop Channel Addresses

Below are the addresses that you may use when you connect to the broadcast. the streams run on top of IceCast2 audio server. Channel 1 - All Songs Mix Channel 2 - Acoustic Jam Channel 3 - Easy Rock Channel 4 - Pure Love Songs Channel 5 - Foreign Mix Channel 6 - OPM Mix Channel 7 - OPM Alternatives Channel 8 - OPM Rock Oldies

Live Channel Addresses and Credentials

Credentials and format accepted

Type:	Icecast2
Mount:	/live.mp3 <--make sure to include the "/"
port:	8000
Login:	source
password:	livepass
Bitrate:	128 kbps
Format:	mp3
Channels:	Stereo

Just change the live channel part if you will broadcast to other channels (i.e test to live etc.) note that you cannot stream on non-stop music channels.