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Summary (version 0.1-1)

This PKGBUILD provides a wrapper for the pacman package manager, configured specifically for RPi900 remote stations connected via PPP to an RPi900 base station.

The slow connection on a remote RPi900 can cause pacman to give 404 errors when connecting to the standard Arch Linux repositories. To overcome this problem, rpi900-pacman uses the package cache on the RPi900 base station as a repository. Connection to the repository is made via SSH and SSHFS. No setup is required on the base RPi900.


To make a package available for a remote RPi900 using rpi900-pacman, first install or download the package on the base RPi900 using pacman. On the remote RPi900, use rpi900-pacman with the same options as you would normally use for pacman. You will be prompted for the root password for the base RPi900 as part of the connection process.

If your command includes a database refresh (e.g. the -Sy option), the repository database on the base RPi900 will be automatically updated with any new packages which are found on the base. (This may take some time, depending on the number of additions.) For example, to upgrade your remote RPi900 system, first upgrade the base:

sudo pacman -Syu

Then on the remote:

sudo rpi900-pacman -Syu

The rpi900-pacman command uses its own pacman configuration file at /etc/pacman.d/rpi900-pacman.conf, including the custom repository. Add any pacman options you need to this file, just as you would normally with /etc/pacman.conf.

Package Contents

The package installs the following files:

  • /usr/bin/rpi900-pacman: the rpi900-pacman wrapper script.
  • /etc/pacman.d/rpi900-pacman.conf: the pacman configuration file used by rpi900-pacman.
  • /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/99-rpi900-pacman-up.sh: a script which records the IP address of the base RPi900 when the PPP link comes up.
  • /etc/ppp/ip-down.d/99-rpi900-pacman-down.sh: a corresponding script for when the link goes down.
  • /usr/share/man/man8/rpi900-pacman.8.gz: a man page.

Release History

  • 2014/05/01: version 0.1-1: initial release.
  • 2014/05/09: version 0.1-2: renamed pacman configuration file and base repository.