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A small extension to visualize and clear extension permissions for development reasons
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"Extension Permissions Manager" WebExtension

This repository contains a small webextension which provides a Firefox sidebar to inspect (and clear) optional permissions granted to the installed and enabled extensions.

Let's say you've built an extension but you want to make the history API optional for your users. How do you verify that your extension behaves correctly when the user does not grant access to the history API? This is a developer tool designed for such a scenario.

Screenshot Extension Permissions Manager sidebar

The extension is meant to be used during the extension development to aid optional permissions testing, and it can't be installed on a release Firefox version as it uses an WebExtensions Experiment API.

You can download the extension xpi from the github releases and install the extension temporarily from "about:debugging" on a Firefox Nightly or DevEdition builds, or permenantly from "about:addons" after you have set the following preferences in "about:config":

  • extensions.legacy.enabled: true,
  • xpinstall.signatures.required: false
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