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I'm slowly updating all the classes available to fit their SDK 10.6 equivalents. I won't add any (or too many?) new classes just yet - hopefully I won't break anything. So far I've done:
* NSAutoreleasePool
Added -drain.
* NSValue
Added +valueWithRange
Added -rangeValue.
* NSInteger and NSUInteger
Defined in NSObject.h.
* NSNumber
Added +numberWith.., -initWith.., and -..Value methods for NSInteger and NSUInteger.
* NSError
The class seemed to be stubbed out - I implemented it.
* NSTask
Added -processIdentifier.
Added -terminationReason.
* NSException
Added -callStackReturnAddresses
Added -callStackSymbols
Note, though - both seem to be clearly intended for backtrace_symbols(), so on __WIN32__ no-ops.
Implemented NSCoding and NSCopying.
* NSTimer
Added -setFireDate (odd that fireDate already seems to be there...)
Added -initWithFireDate:interval:target:selector:userInfo:repeats: (with setFireDate, of course.)
* NSHost
Added -localizedName w/o KVO.
* NSNotificationCenter
Checked off - we don't have blocks yet, so no -addObserver...block.
* NSNotification
Added NSCopying to the list of protocols supported - apparently it's already been implemented but never exposed.
* NSInvocation
Checks out.
* NSObject protocol
Checks out.
* NSCoding protocol
Checks out.
* NSCopying protocol
Checks out.
* NSProxy
Added (that is to say, stubs out) -finalize;.
* NSMutableCopying
Checks out.
* NSData
Added NSDataWritingOptions
Added NSDataReadingOptions (these are disregarded, though.)
Added +dataWithBytesNoCopy:length:freeWhenDone
Added -[init/data]WithContentsOfURL:option:error: (this works well with -path)
Added -writeToFile:options:error: (this as well, mind you)
Added -writeToURL:atomically:/options:error: - this is just a frontend to writeToFile since OSX only supports file:// URLS anyway.
* NSDate
Added -descriptionWithCalendarFormat:timeZone:locale: to header file.
Added -dateByAddingTimeInterval: (this just feeds into addTimeInterval.)
* NSMethodSignature
Checks out.
* NSInvocation
Checks out.
* NSDictionary
(NSFileManager and block-dependent methods have not been implemented.)
Added writeToURL:atomically
Added keysSortedByValueUsingSelector:
* NSMutableDictionary
Added -setValue:forKey:
* NSSet
Added -setByAddingObject[sFromArray/sFromSet] (we go down to MutableSet, though)
Added -valueForKey:
Added -setValue:forKey
(Block and KVC dependent methods have been left out yet again.)
* NSMutableSet
Added -filterUsingPredicate:
* NSCountedSet
Checks out.
* NSIndexSet
Implemented - NSArray is dependent.
* NSMutableIndexSet
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