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RTSPagedView is a lazy-loading paging UIScrollView subclass with support for endless scrolling. It works in a way similar to UITableView. The sample project included loads a Flickr feed and displays the images lazily.

RTSPagedView gets its subviews from its delegate (RTSPagedViewDelegate). The delegate should implement two methods:

- (NSUInteger)numberOfPagesInPagedView:(RTSPagedView *)pagedView;
- (UIView *)pagedView:(RTSPagedView *)pagedView viewForPageAtIndex:(NSUInteger)index;

Views are queued internally by RTSPagedView, and identified by their tag property. You can dequeue views using this method of RTSPagedView:

- (UIView *)dequeueReusableViewWithTag:(NSInteger)tag; 

RTSPagedView is licensed under the terms of the FreeBSD license. Copyright 2011 Rits Plasman.

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