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C implementation of the createrepo.
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C implementation of createrepo

Run createrepo -h for usage syntax.

Devel tips


Package build requires - Pkg name in Fedora/Ubuntu:

From your checkout dir:

mkdir build
cd build/
cmake ..

To build the documentation, from the build/ directory:

make doc

Note: For build with debugging symbols you could use (from the build/ directory):


Building from an rpm checkout

E.g. when you want to try weak and rich dependencies.

cmake .. && make

Note: The RPM must be built in that directory

Commands I am using for building the RPM:

cd /home/tmlcoch/git/rpm
CPPFLAGS='-I/usr/include/nss3/ -I/usr/include/nspr4/' ./ --rpmconfigure --with-vendor=redhat --with-external-db --with-lua --with-selinux --with-cap --with-acl --enable-python
make clean && make

Building for a different Python version

By default, cmake should set up things to build for Python 3, but you can do a build for Python 2 like this::


Other build options


Enable legacy SUSE/Mageia/Mandriva weakdeps support (Default: ON)


Threaded XZ encoding (Default: OFF)

Note: This option is disabled by default, because Createrepo_c parallelizes a lot of tasks (including compression) by default; this only adds extra threads on XZ library level which causes thread bloat and for most usecases doesn't bring any performance boost. On regular hardware (e.g. less-or-equal 4 cores) this option may even cause degradation of performance.


Enable DeltaRPM support using drpm library (Default: ON)

Adds support for creating DeltaRPMs and incorporating them into the repository.


Build with zchunk support (Default: ON)


Build with libmodulemd support (Default: ON)

Adds support for working with repos containing Fedora Modularity metadata.

Build tarball

utils/ [git revision]

Without git revision specified HEAD is used.

Build Python package

To create a binary "wheel" distribution, use:

python bdist_wheel

To create a source distribution, use:

python sdist

Installing source distributions require the installer of the package to have all of the build dependencies installed on their system, since they compile the code during installation. Binary distributions are pre-compiled, but they are likely not portable between substantially different systems, e.g. Fedora and Ubuntu.

Note: if you are building a bdist or installing the sdist on a system with an older version of Pip, you may need to install the scikit-build Python package first.

To install either of these packages, use:

pip install dist/{{ package name }}

To create an "editable" install of createrepo_c, use:

python develop

Note: To recompile the libraries and binaries, you muse re-run this command.

Build RPM package

Modify createrepo_c.spec and run:


Note: Current .spec for Fedora rawhide


All unit tests run from librepo checkout dir

Build C tests && run c and python tests

make tests && make test

Note: For a verbose output of testing use: make ARGS="-V" test

Run only C unittests (from your checkout dir):


Note: The C tests have to be built by make tests)!

Run only Python unittests (from your checkout dir):

PYTHONPATH=`readlink -f ./build/src/python/` nosetests -s tests/python/tests/

Or, for an alternative python version, specify the appropriate nosetests executable:

PYTHONPATH=`readlink -f ./build/src/python/` nosetests-3.4 -s tests/python/tests/

Note: When compiling createrepo_c without libmodulemd support add WITH_LIBMODULEMD=OFF



Important notes

In original createrepo sha is a nickname for the sha1 checksum. Createrepo_c mimics this behaviour.

Differences in behavior between createrepo_c and createrepo

Checksums after update

Use case:

  • Repodata in repo/ are has checksum xxx
  • Params: --update --checksum=yyy repo/

createrepo_c result:

  • All package checksums are recalculated into yyy

original createrepo result:

  • Only new and changed packages has yyy checksums other packages has still xxx checksums

Skip symlinks param

Use case:

  • Some packages in repo/ are symlinks
  • Params: --skip-symlinks repo/

createrepo_c result:

  • Symlinked packages are ignored

original createrepo result:

Base path from update-md-path repo

Use case:

  • A somebody else's repo is somewhere
  • The repo items have set a base path to
  • We want to create metadata for our repo
  • Some packages in our repo are same as packages in somebody else's repo
  • We want to speed up creation of our repodata with combo --update and --update-md-path=somebody_else's_repo
  • Params: --update --update-md-path=ftp://somebody.else/repo our_repo/

createrepo_c results:

  • All our packages have no base path set (if we don't set --baseurl explicitly)

original createrepo result:

Crippled paths in filelists.xml after update

Use case:

  • A repo with old metadata exists
  • We want to update metadata
  • Params: --update repo/

createrepo_c results:

  • All is fine

original createrepo result:

--update leaves behind some old repodata files

Use case:

  • A repo with repodata created with --simple-md-filenames exists
  • We want to update repodata to have checksums in filenames
  • Params: --update repo/

createrepo_c results:

  • All repodata contains checksum in the name

original createrepo result:


Default merge method

  • Original mergerepo included even packages with the same NVR by default
  • Mergerepo_c can be configured by --method option to specify how repositories should be merged.
  • Additionally its possible to use --all option to replicate original mergerepo behavior.


Modifyrepo_c is compatible with classical Modifyrepo except some misbehaviour:

  • TODO: Report bugs and add reference here

Batch file

When there is need to do several modification to repository (repomd.xml) a batch file could be used.

Batch file is Modifyrepo_c specific. It is not supported by the classical Modifyrepo - at least not yet.


# Add:
#   [<path/to/file>]
#   <options>

# Metadata that use a bunch of config options

# Metadata that use default settings

# Remove:
#   [<metadata name>]
#   remove=true


Supported options

Option name Description Supported value(s) Default
path Path to the file. When specified it override the path specified in group name (name between [] parenthesis) Any string group name (string between '[' ']')
type Type of the metadata Any string Based on filename
remove Remove specified file/type from repodata true or false false
compress Compress the new metadata before adding it to repo true or false true
compress-type Compression format to use gz, bz2, xz gz
checksum Checksum type to use md5, sha, sha1, sha224, sha256, sha384, sha512 sha256
unique-md-filenames Include the file's checksum in the filename true or false true
new-name New name for the file. If compress is true, then compression suffix will be appended. If unique-md-filenames is true, then checksum will be prepended. Any string Original source filename


  • Lines beginning with a '#' and blank lines are considered comments.
  • If remove=true is used, no other config options should be used
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