Bug Reporting

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In this page is described the classification of common DNF bugs, what information to provide for each of them and what to attach. By filling right the bug reports you not only save time of DNF developers but you could raise the priority of your issue and eliminate wasteful delay of asking for additional problem description from us.

Connection issue

If DNF aborts during downloading of metadata of repositories or packages, file a bug with:

  • "[conn]" summary prefix
  • attach dnf.librepo.log file which can be found in /var/log/ folder
  • try again with the new metadata <dnf command executed> --refresh (alternatively rm -fr /var/cache/dnf && <dnf command executed>), see and tell us if it fixed your problem
  • post dnf package stack versions rpm -q librepo curl dnf
  • optionally share the output of ./check_metalink --check-master and ./check_metalink --check-mirrors. (Clone check_metalink from github)

Dependency resolution problem

When you think DNF pulled in more packages than it should or you see error after these lines:

--> Starting dependency resolution
--> Finished dependency resolution

and you have already tried new switches --allowerasing or --best introduced in DNF, report a bug with:

  • "[depsolv]" summary prefix
  • command line executed
  • attach archive of debugdata (outputs in current directory while using --debugsolver switch within command line)
  • post dnf package stack versions rpm -q libsolv hawkey dnf

Some of the depsolving problems are caused by different selection prioritization of provides than in yum. These cases should be resolved on package level by adding weak dependencies.

Note: these bugs will have default priority set to low as it's in 95% not a DNF bug and wastes only time of DNF developers. I would like to encourage all community members to look at these bugs using repoquery and other useful tools to figure out which package to blame. Thanks.

Reporting dependency problems in more detail is on dnf blog.

New feature request

Are you a user who would like to have a desired functionality in DNF or DNF-PLUGINS-CORE? File a bug with:

  • "[rfe]" summary prefix
  • describe how it should works (if it's in yum or yum-utils, point it out)
  • provide a valid use case why you need it and what would be the benefit for the others

API proposals

If you are a developer and you have found a function in DNF code but not documented as API or you want to add a new function, feel free to fill new bug report with:

  • "[api]" summary prefix
  • describe your project and what you want to achieve by using DNF
  • describe the requested functions to be added into API

Weak dependencies

As there are no rules how to use weak dependencies now and DNF will be the reference implementation of this, we need to know uncommon packagers use cases. If you found that DNF should have proceed the transaction other way, report a bug with:

  • "[weak deps]" summary prefix
  • command line executed
  • post link to custom COPR, so we can reproduce it easily
  • write "expected" result
  • post dnf package stack versions rpm -q rpm libsolv hawkey dnf

then RPM team decides how DNF should act, change it accordingly and document this case.

Thanks for properly filled bug reports so we can spend more time to fix your issues.

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