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  1. Hawkey testbed
  2. prefixing function/structure names so they don't clash with other C libs.
  3. hiding structs' internals the rpm-style
  4. dnf testbed
  5. make sure hawkey can handle install-only packages, for instance we can install several kernel versions. if this is not currently possible in libsolv, extend it and make it configurable. If the libsolv design disallows this, we'll have to handle it on the hawkey level. (Zdenek)
  6. handling filelist metadata (what for? 'yum provides' like functionality?)
  7. creating an .rpm of hawkey and dnf that people can install
  8. multilib support
  9. Tutorial
  10. API cleanup (what makes/doesn't make sense)
  11. settle the Query intall situation (some inconsistencies in the API there)
  12. current bugs
  13. Reference Documentation


  1. reinstalls
  2. Perl bindings (volunteering Perl hackers welcome)
  3. support fancier installonly schemes (perhaps with obsolete support), see here, or some other way to cleanly support e.g. ruby gems installed at multiple versions and updating fine.