Use cases

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Table of Contents

Use Cases for the API


  • reference tool: yum, pungi
  • input:
    • package list: $name or $name.$arch
    • exclude list: $name or $name.$arch
    • basearch (should be able to do ppc64 depsolving on x86_64)
    • --selfhosting (pull also BuildRequires in; requires source repo)
    • --fulltree (if a subpackage from a SRPM is included, include all remaining subpackages too)
  • output:


  • reference tool: repoclosure from yum-utils
  • input:
    • one or more repos
    • zero or more lookaside repos
    • basearch (should be able to do ppc64 repoclosure on x86_64)
  • output:
    • list of unresolved deps in repos
    • lookaside repos should not be checked, they only provide packages to the transaction

repoquery --whatrequires

  • reference tool: repoquery from yum-utils
  • usage: repoquery [--alldeps] --whatrequires <package></package> [package] ...
  • input:
    • repo
    • list of packages -- $name or $name.$arch
  • output:
    • list of E:N-V-R.A.rpm files
    • if --alldeps is specified, return all dependency tree; return only direct deps otherwise


  • have a set of 2k packages, periodically check repos for their build-time dependencies, rebuild those that have new deps.