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A 'simple' chroot build environment manager for building RPMs.

Mock is used by the Fedora Build system to populate a chroot environment, which is then used in building a source-RPM (SRPM). It can be used for long-term management of a chroot environment, but generally a chroot is populated (using DNF), an SRPM is built in the chroot to generate binary RPMs, and the chroot is then discarded.

User documentation

This is an area for developers. You may be looking for user documentation.


Mock source tarballs:

Mock Branches

Mock currently has one active branch plus main.

  • mock-1.0 - This branch was used for EL-5 and there will be no changes.
  • mock-1.3 - This branch is in security-fixes-only mode and is used for EL-6.
  • mock-1.4 - This branch is in bug-fixes-only mode.
  • main - This is currently mock 2.x and is used for releasing and development. If you want to send patches, you probably want this branch.


Do you have a patch, an idea, or just a question? You can write to buildsys mailing list or try #fedora-buildsys on Freenode. We prefer email though.

Getting and compiling mock

git clone
cd mock
cd mock-core-configs
tito build --rpm
cd ../mock
tito build --rpm

The latest release for all supported platforms can be found in this Copr repository.


Package from the latest commit in the main branch can be obtained from

Latest status: build status


This project is sponsored by Red Hat. Buy Red Hat subscription to sponsor this project.



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