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Release Notes 1.4.15

Miroslav Suchý edited this page Apr 22, 2019 · 5 revisions

Released on 2019-04-22.

Mock new features:

  • Mock supports Dynamic Build Requires. There is still ongoing work in rpmbuild; therefore you cannot use it yet. Once the new rpmbuild lands in Fedora you can immediately use it with Mock. [GH#245]

  • I have seen people who do not know about setup. Now, when you are not in the mock group, and Mock asks you via consolehelper for root password, it prints this banner: You are not in the mock group. See [GH#244]

  • Previously when Mock executed DNF, then Mock disabled DNF plugin local. Now the list of plugins which will be disabled can be configured via:

config_opts['dnf_disable_plugins'] = ['local', 'spacewalk']

The above is the new default, i.e., the plugin spacewalk is now disabled as well. [GH#210]

This change simplified dnf_common_opts default, which is now:

config_opts['dnf_common_opts'] = ['--setopt=deltarpm=False']


  • In Flatpak, the method distro.version() returns float, which produced fatal error in Mock. This is now fixed [RHBZ#1690374]

  • new rpm library now returns strings instead of bytes. Mock has been altered that it can accept both types [RHBZ#1693759]

  • Mock used FileNotFoundError class for a error handling. This class is not defined in Python 2 and caused a traceback during an error handling [RHBZ#1696234]

Known issues:

  • On Fedora 30+, the createrepo_c prints its output to STDERR, which is fatal to mockchain. For the time being, I changed the mockchain behavior and creterepo_c errors are not fatal. However, mockchain print them as an error even there is no error at all. GH#249

Following contributors contributed to this release:

  • Igor Gnatenko
  • Jeroen van Meeuwen (Kolab Systems)
  • Jo Shields
  • Martin Kutlák
  • Neal Gompa
  • Pat Riehecky
  • Toshio Kuratomi

Thank you.

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