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rpmlint is a tool for checking common errors in rpm packages. rpmlint can be used to test individual packages before uploading or to check an entire distribution.

By default all applicable checks are performed but specific checks can be performed by using command line parameters.

rpmlint can check binary rpms (files and installed ones), source rpms, and plain specfiles, but all checks do not apply to all argument types. For best check coverage, run rpmlint on source rpms instead of plain specfiles, and installed binary rpms instead of uninstalled binary rpm files.

The idea for rpmlint is from the lintian tool of the Debian project. All the checks reside in rpmlint/ folder. Feel free to provide new checks and suggestions at:


If you want to change configuration options or the list of checks you can use following locations:



~/.config/rpmlint if $XDG_CONFIG_HOME is empty or not set

Configuration files are Python source files and should begin with the following line:

from rpmlint.Config import *

Possible configuration functions:

resetChecks() resets the list of checks.

addCheck(check) adds the check to the list of checks to try.

addCheckDir(path) adds a path to look for checks.

setOption(name, value) sets the value of the configuration option. See below for the list of available options.

addFilter(regexp) adds a filter to remove the output of a check, and removeFilter(regexp) removes one (for use eg. in per-user configuration files to remove filters added in system config files).

See the file config shipped with rpmlint for examples, available options and their default values.