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Yum - an automatic updater and installer for rpm-based systems

Included programs:
/usr/bin/yum		Main program

Basic usage description follows:

Yum is run with one of the following options:

 - update [package list]
	If run without any packages, Yum will automatically upgrade every
	currently installed package.  If one or more packages are
	specified, Yum will only update the packages listed.

 - install <package list>
	Yum will install the latest version of the specified package
	(don't specify version information).

 - remove <package list>
	Yum will remove the specified packages from the system.

 - yum list [package list]
        List available packages

See the man page for more information (man yum)
Also see the webpage and wiki for more information:
web page:

3.2.X Branch - yum-3_2_X
      Starting commit is roughly: a3c91d7f6a15f31a42d020127b2da2877dfc137d
         E.g. git diff a3c91d7f6a15f31a42d020127b2da2877dfc137d