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-- Introduction --

Yum-utils is a collection of utilities, plugins and examples related to
the yum package manager.  See for more

If you encounter any problems using these utilities feel free to send 
an e-mail to the yum mailing list:

If you have created an utility related to yum and you'd like to look
into getting it included into this set please e-mail the yum-devel 
mailing list:

-- Description of the utilities --

Check for unneeded packages and dependency problems in the system.

Check for dependency problems in repositories.

Look up oldest or newest packages in a directory. Can be used for cleaning
up repositories for example.

Query packages and groups in repositories similarly to rpmquery.

Generate RSS feed from repositories.

Install build dependencies of source RPMS.

Download packages (and optionally their dependencies) to arbitrary 
directories without installing them.

poor-man's rsync for yum repositories. Uses the yum download mechanisms to
synchronize a remote repository to a local directory

allows you to track only certain packages and their dependencies from a
remote repository. Useful if you only want a few things out of another

allows you to offload work on your local yum mirror by synthesizing BitTorrent
swarms transparently.

-- Authors --

Various people have made a contribution to this collection:

- Gijs Hollestelle
Author of yumdownloader and package-cleanup 

- Seth Vidal
Maintainer of yum, author of repoclosure, repomanage and repo-rss

- Panu Matilainen 
Author of repoquery, yum-builddep

- Sean Dilda
Author of the update on boot init scripts

- Tim Lauridsen
Maintainer of yum-utils - fixer of a lot of misc utils.

- Valentina Mukhamedzhanova
Maintainer of yum-utils.

- Matthew Almond
Author of pkgtorrent