Quickly organize a private text-based roleplay with your friends! Web application built in PHP.
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RPNow is an open-source web application that lets anyone quickly create a private chatroom to roleplay with their friends.

Note: This project has been superseded by rpnow2, and is no longer receiving updates.


Noteworthy features of RPNow include:

  • No registration process
  • Entirely in-browser; no downloads for the user
  • Works on both desktop and mobile
  • Requires no browser plugins such as Flash or Java
  • Updates in real time; no refreshing needed
  • Flashing banner alerts when a post is made
  • Browse the archive of all posts from beginning to end
  • Download a text backup of the RP at any time


  • Apache with mod_rewrite and .htaccess enabled
  • PHP >= 5.3.0
  • MySQL or MariaDB


  1. Download the RPNow repository from GitHub
  2. Place the contents of the /rpnow/ directory somewhere on the target web server
  3. Import the MySQL database from /docs/rpnow.sql
  4. Give a user SELECT and INSERT permissions on that database
  5. Update config.php with the appropriate database credentials
  6. If you have an SSL certificate for your site, uncomment the HTTPS segment in the .htaccess file
  7. To enable the admin panel, uncomment the appropriate lines in the config.php file. Be sure to change the admin username and password!


RPNow was created almost entirely by me, Nigel Nelson.

For additional information on software and libraries used, as well as a list of donors and other contributors, see credits.md.


RPNow is licensed under the GNU General Public License (3.0)