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Automated scripts for installing dedicated wptagent instances
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Automated scripts for installing dedicated wptagent agents

Ubuntu 16.04+:

Tested on 16.04 LTS and 18.04 LTS

bash <(curl -s

on Google Cloud:

bash <(curl -s

on Amazon EC2:

bash <(curl -s

Google Cloud Shared Image

This will create an instance template in the project that can be used to create Managed Instance Groups or individual instances in any region. The instances will be preemptable n1-standard-2. Open the cloud shell for the project where the agents will run and paste:

bash <(curl -s

Raspberry Pi (Raspbian Stretch+):

Still a work in progress and requires editing ~/ after install to configure tethering and traffic shaping.

Desktop testing works best with Raspbian Buster or later.

Warning: This takes a LONG time (several hours). For multiple devices it is generally best to get one configured and then just clone the SD card for other devices.

bash <(curl -s
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