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Provides a wkhtmltopdf binary for Heroku.

Preconfigures pdfkit, wicked_pdf and wisepdf to use this binary if they are loaded.


In your Gemfile:

  gem 'wkhtmltopdf-heroku'


When using with wicked_pdf

Since wicked_pdf overwrites its config hash in the initializer, you will need to update it to make sure its exe_path is configured correctly.

If you don't need any extra configurations, you can simply remove the initializer. Or you can change it to:

WickedPdf.config ||= {}
  # your extra configurations here

When using with pdf_kit or wisepdf

No extra configuration is needed. But please make sure you are not re-configuring the binary path again in their initializer files.

When using with other gems

You will need to configure the path manually. You can get the path to the executable by using this: Gem.bin_path('wkhtmltopdf-heroku')

Current wkhtmltopdf Version: Ubuntu Trusty 64-bit.

For more details See wkhtmltopdf Changelog

Supported Heroku Stack: Cedar-14

See migration guides for more details.


  • @bradphelan
  • @pallymore


Copyright (c) 2011 Brad Phelan. See LICENSE.txt for further details.