A RSS feed reader split into a simple server (as a starkit) and a browser GUI
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A RSS feed reader split into a simple server (as a starkit) and a browser GUI

This is really a quick application of my own web server Tatu, written in tcl, with a plugin (all enclosed in the .kit file) to fetch data from RSS/Atom feeds configured by the user. The application is delivered as a single starkit, rssReader.kit, and requires only tclkit (for Linux, or tclkit.exe under Windows) to execute. You may get your tclkit executable from https://code.google.com/p/tclkit/

You must place a file named subscriptions.xml with the feeds list, as retrieved from Google Reader. It is an OPML standard file, as you may find in our sample. Then, run rssReader with the following command:

tclkit rssReader.kit

or also (with a GUI to access the tkcon console):

tclkit rssReader.kit gui

After that, you should run your favorite browser (I tested with Firefox and Google Chrome and both works flawlessly), and point it to http://localhost:15732/ After the program starts in the browser, you have to choose a subject to fetch all news about that subject.


The newer released version have caching implemented in the server. All rss feeds already visited are cached and refreshed if older than 120 minutes (in the future we'll have this configurable). This makes the browser application much faster.


  • Functions to add, remove, and edit feeds.
  • Browse individual rss feeds (not by subject only).
  • See item contents without opening the link; this is not my priority as I want most to use the rssReader to create tweets (twitter.com).
  • Anything else someone asks me...

You may find interesting to visit my personal homepage at http://pragana.net or send me an email asking for features or suggesting me some improvements. You are welcome.