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Code and data for the paper, "Automatically Neutralizing Subjective Bias in Text"
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Neutralizing Biased Text

This repo contains code for the paper, "Automatically Neutralizing Subjective Bias in Text".

Concretely this means algorithms for

  • Identifying biased words in sentences.
  • Neutralizing bias in sentences.



$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python
>> import nltk;"punkt")


Click this link to download (100MB, expands to 500MB).


harvest/: Code for making the dataset. It works by crawling and filtering Wikipedia for bias-driven edits.

src/: Code for training models and using trained models to run inference. The models implemented here are referred to as MODULAR and CONCURRENT in the paper.


Please see src/ for bias neutralization directions.

See harvest/ for making a new dataset (as opposed to downloading the one available above).

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