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0.12.0 (2018-07-14)

  • Added support for Python 3.7. Since async is a keyword in Python 3.7, Queue(async=False) has been changed to Queue(is_async=False). The async keyword argument will still work, but raises a DeprecationWarning. Thanks @dchevell!

0.11.0 (2018-06-01)

  • Worker now periodically sends heartbeats and checks whether child process is still alive while performing long running jobs. Thanks @Kriechi!
  • Job.create now accepts timeout in string format (e.g 1h). Thanks @theodesp!
  • worker.main_work_horse() should exit with return code 0 even if job execution fails. Thanks @selwin!
  • job.delete(delete_dependents=True) will delete job along with its dependents. Thanks @olingerc!
  • Other minor fixes and documentation updates.


  • @job decorator now accepts description, meta, at_front and depends_on kwargs. Thanks @jlucas91 and @nlyubchich!
  • Added the capability to fetch workers by queue using Worker.all(queue=queue) and Worker.count(queue=queue).
  • Improved RQ's default logging configuration. Thanks @samuelcolvin!
  • and job.exc_info are now stored in compressed format in Redis.


  • Fixed an issue where worker.refresh() may fail when birth_date is not set. Thanks @vanife!


  • Fixed an issue where worker.refresh() may fail when upgrading from previous versions of RQ.


  • Worker statistics! Worker now keeps track of last_heartbeat, successful_job_count, failed_job_count and total_working_time. Thanks @selwin!
  • Worker now sends heartbeat during suspension check. Thanks @theodesp!
  • Added queue.delete() method to delete Queue objects entirely from Redis. Thanks @theodesp!
  • More robust exception string decoding. Thanks @stylight!
  • Added --logging-level option to command line scripts. Thanks @jiajunhuang!
  • Added millisecond precision to job timestamps. Thanks @samuelcolvin!
  • Python 2.6 is no longer supported. Thanks @samuelcolvin!


  • Fixed an issue where may fail with unpickleable return value.


  • Replace with Job instance in local _job_stack. Thanks @katichev!
  • no longer implicitly calls job.cleanup(). Thanks @katichev!
  • Properly catch StopRequested worker.heartbeat(). Thanks @fate0!
  • You can now pass in timeout in days. Thanks @yaniv-g!
  • The core logic of sending job to FailedQueue has been moved to rq.handlers.move_to_failed_queue. Thanks @yaniv-g!
  • RQ cli commands now accept --path parameter. Thanks @kirill and @sjtbham!
  • Make job.dependency slightly more efficient. Thanks @liangsijian!
  • FailedQueue now returns jobs with the correct class. Thanks @amjith!


  • Refactored APIs to allow custom Connection, Job, Worker and Queue classes via CLI. Thanks @jezdez!
  • job.delete() now properly cleans itself from job registries. Thanks @selwin!
  • Worker should no longer overwrite job.meta. Thanks @WeatherGod!
  • job.save_meta() can now be used to persist custom job data. Thanks @katichev!
  • Added Redis Sentinel support. Thanks @strawposter!
  • Make Worker.find_by_key() more efficient. Thanks @selwin!
  • You can now specify job timeout using strings such as queue.enqueue(foo, timeout='1m'). Thanks @luojiebin!
  • Better unicode handling. Thanks @myme5261314 and @jaywink!
  • Sentry should default to HTTP transport. Thanks @Atala!
  • Improve HerokuWorker termination logic. Thanks @samuelcolvin!


  • Fixes a bug that prevents fetching jobs from FailedQueue (#765). Thanks @jsurloppe!
  • Fixes race condition when enqueueing jobs with dependency (#742). Thanks @th3hamm0r!
  • Skip a test that requires Linux signals on MacOS (#763). Thanks @jezdez!
  • enqueue_job should use Redis pipeline when available (#761). Thanks mtdewulf!


  • Better support for Heroku workers (#584, #715)
  • Support for connecting using a custom connection class (#741)
  • Fix: connection stack in default worker (#479, #641)
  • Fix: fetch_job now checks that a job requested actually comes from the intended queue (#728, #733)
  • Fix: Properly raise exception if a job dependency does not exist (#747)
  • Fix: Job status not updated when horse dies unexpectedly (#710)
  • Fix: request_force_stop_sigrtmin failing for Python 3 (#727)
  • Fix Job.cancel() method on failed queue (#707)
  • Python 3.5 compatibility improvements (#729)
  • Improved signal name lookup (#722)


  • Jobs that depend on job with result_ttl == 0 are now properly enqueued.
  • cancel_job now works properly. Thanks @jlopex!
  • Jobs that execute successfully now no longer tries to remove itself from queue. Thanks @amyangfei!
  • Worker now properly logs Falsy return values. Thanks @liorsbg!
  • now accepts logging_level argument. Thanks @jlopex!
  • Logging related fixes by @redbaron4 and @butla!
  • @job decorator now accepts ttl argument. Thanks @javimb!
  • Worker.__init__ now accepts queue_class keyword argument. Thanks @antoineleclair!
  • Worker now saves warm shutdown time. You can access this property from worker.shutdown_requested_date. Thanks @olingerc!
  • Synchronous queues now properly sets completed job status as finished. Thanks @ecarreras!
  • Worker now correctly deletes current_job_id after failed job execution. Thanks @olingerc!
  • Job.create() and queue.enqueue_call() now accepts meta argument. Thanks @tornstrom!
  • Added job.started_at property. Thanks @samuelcolvin!
  • Cleaned up the implementation of job.cancel() and job.delete(). Thanks @glaslos!
  • Worker.execute_job() now exports RQ_WORKER_ID and RQ_JOB_ID to OS environment variables. Thanks @mgk!
  • rqinfo now accepts --config option. Thanks @kfrendrich!
  • Worker class now has request_force_stop() and request_stop() methods that can be overridden by custom worker classes. Thanks @samuelcolvin!
  • Other minor fixes by @VicarEscaped, @kampfschlaefer, @ccurvey, @zfz, @antoineleclair, @orangain, @nicksnell, @SkyLothar, @ahxxm and @horida.


  • Job results are now logged on DEBUG level. Thanks @tbaugis!
  • Modified patch_connection so Redis connection can be easily mocked
  • Customer exception handlers are now called if Redis connection is lost. Thanks @jlopex!
  • Jobs can now depend on jobs in a different queue. Thanks @jlopex!


(August 25th, 2015)

  • Add support for --exception-handler command line flag
  • Fix compatibility with click>=5.0
  • Fix maximum recursion depth problem for very large queues that contain jobs that all fail


(July 8th, 2015)

  • Fix compatibility with raven>=5.4.0


(June 3rd, 2015)

  • Better API for instantiating Workers. Thanks @RyanMTB!
  • Better support for unicode kwargs. Thanks @nealtodd and @brownstein!
  • Workers now automatically cleans up job registries every hour
  • Jobs in FailedQueue now have their statuses set properly
  • enqueue_call() no longer ignores ttl. Thanks @mbodock!
  • Improved logging. Thanks @trevorprater!


(April 14th, 2015)

  • Support SSL connection to Redis (requires redis-py>=2.10)
  • Fix to prevent deep call stacks with large queues


(March 9th, 2015)

  • Resolve performance issue when queues contain many jobs
  • Restore the ability to specify connection params in config
  • Record birth_date and death_date on Worker
  • Add support for SSL URLs in Redis (and REDIS_SSL config option)
  • Fix encoding issues with non-ASCII characters in function arguments
  • Fix Redis transaction management issue with job dependencies


(Jan 30th, 2015)

  • RQ workers can now be paused and resumed using rq suspend and rq resume commands. Thanks Jonathan Tushman!
  • Jobs that are being performed are now stored in StartedJobRegistry for monitoring purposes. This also prevents currently active jobs from being orphaned/lost in the case of hard shutdowns.
  • You can now monitor finished jobs by checking FinishedJobRegistry. Thanks Nic Cope for helping!
  • Jobs with unmet dependencies are now created with deferred as their status. You can monitor deferred jobs by checking DeferredJobRegistry.
  • It is now possible to enqueue a job at the beginning of queue using queue.enqueue(func, at_front=True). Thanks Travis Johnson!
  • Command line scripts have all been refactored to use click. Thanks Lyon Zhang!
  • Added a new SimpleWorker that does not fork when executing jobs. Useful for testing purposes. Thanks Cal Leeming!
  • Added --queue-class and --job-class arguments to rqworker script. Thanks David Bonner!
  • Many other minor bug fixes and enhancements.


(May 21st, 2014)

  • Raise a warning when RQ workers are used with Sentry DSNs using asynchronous transports. Thanks Wei, Selwin & Toms!


(May 8th, 2014)

  • Fix where rqworker broke on Python 2.6. Thanks, Marko!


(May 7th, 2014)

  • Properly declare redis dependency.
  • Fix a NameError regression that was introduced in 0.4.3.


(May 6th, 2014)

  • Make job and queue classes overridable. Thanks, Marko!
  • Don't require connection for @job decorator at definition time. Thanks, Sasha!
  • Syntactic code cleanup.


(April 28th, 2014)

  • Add missing depends_on kwarg to @job decorator. Thanks, Sasha!


(April 22nd, 2014)

  • Fix bug where RQ 0.4 workers could not unpickle/process jobs from RQ < 0.4.


(April 22nd, 2014)

  • Emptying the failed queue from the command line is now as simple as running rqinfo -X or rqinfo --empty-failed-queue.

  • Job data is unpickled lazily. Thanks, Malthe!

  • Removed dependency on the times library. Thanks, Malthe!

  • Job dependencies! Thanks, Selwin.

  • Custom worker classes, via the command line argument. Thanks, Selwin.

  • Queue.all() and rqinfo now report empty queues, too. Thanks, Rob!

  • Fixed a performance issue in Queue.all() when issued in large Redis DBs. Thanks, Rob!

  • Birth and death dates are now stored as proper datetimes, not timestamps.

  • Ability to provide a custom job description (instead of using the default function invocation hint). Thanks, İbrahim.

  • Fix: temporary key for the compact queue is now randomly generated, which should avoid name clashes for concurrent compact actions.

  • Fix: Queue.empty() now correctly deletes job hashes from Redis.


(December 17th, 2013)

  • Bug fix where the worker crashes on jobs that have their timeout explicitly removed. Thanks for reporting, @algrs.


(December 16th, 2013)

  • Bug fix where a worker could time out before the job was done, removing it from any monitor overviews (#288).


(August 23th, 2013)

  • Some more fixes in command line scripts for Python 3


(August 20th, 2013)

  • Bug fix in


(August 20th, 2013)

  • Python 3 compatibility (Thanks, Alex!)

  • Minor bug fix where Sentry would break when func cannot be imported


(June 17th, 2013)

  • rqworker and rqinfo have a --url argument to connect to a Redis url.

  • rqworker and rqinfo have a --socket option to connect to a Redis server through a Unix socket.

  • rqworker reads SENTRY_DSN from the environment, unless specifically provided on the command line.

  • Queue has a new API that supports paging get_jobs(3, 7), which will return at most 7 jobs, starting from the 3rd.


(February 26th, 2013)

  • Fixed bug where workers would not execute builtin functions properly.


(February 18th, 2013)

  • Worker registrations now expire. This should prevent rqinfo from reporting about ghosted workers. (Thanks, @yaniv-aknin!)

  • rqworker will automatically clean up ghosted worker registrations from pre-0.3.6 runs.

  • rqworker grew a -q flag, to be more silent (only warnings/errors are shown)


(February 6th, 2013)

  • ended_at is now recorded for normally finished jobs, too. (Previously only for failed jobs.)

  • Adds support for both Redis and StrictRedis connection types

  • Makes StrictRedis the default connection type if none is explicitly provided


(January 23rd, 2013)

  • Restore compatibility with Python 2.6.


(January 18th, 2013)

  • Fix bug where work was lost due to silently ignored unpickle errors.

  • Jobs can now access the current Job instance from within. Relevant documentation here.

  • Custom properties can be set by modifying the job.meta dict. Relevant documentation here.

  • Custom properties can be set by modifying the job.meta dict. Relevant documentation here.

  • rqworker now has an optional --password flag.

  • Remove logbook dependency (in favor of logging)


(September 3rd, 2012)

  • Fixes broken rqinfo command.

  • Improve compatibility with Python < 2.7.


(August 30th, 2012)

  • .enqueue() now takes a result_ttl keyword argument that can be used to change the expiration time of results.

  • Queue constructor now takes an optional async=False argument to bypass the worker (for testing purposes).

  • Jobs now carry status information. To get job status information, like whether a job is queued, finished, or failed, use the property status, or one of the new boolean accessor properties is_queued, is_finished or is_failed.

  • Jobs return values are always stored explicitly, even if they have to explicit return value or return None (with given TTL of course). This makes it possible to distinguish between a job that explicitly returned None and a job that isn't finished yet (see status property).

  • Custom exception handlers can now be configured in addition to, or to fully replace, moving failed jobs to the failed queue. Relevant documentation here and here.

  • rqworker now supports passing in configuration files instead of the many command line options: rqworker -c settings will source

  • rqworker now supports one-flag setup to enable Sentry as its exception handler: rqworker --sentry-dsn="" Alternatively, you can use a settings file and configure SENTRY_DSN = '' instead.


(August 5th, 2012)

  • Reliability improvements

    • Warm shutdown now exits immediately when Ctrl+C is pressed and worker is idle
    • Worker does not leak worker registrations anymore when stopped gracefully
  • .enqueue() does not consume the timeout kwarg anymore. Instead, to pass RQ a timeout value while enqueueing a function, use the explicit invocation instead:

    q.enqueue(do_something, args=(1, 2), kwargs={'a': 1}, timeout=30)
  • Add a @job decorator, which can be used to do Celery-style delayed invocations:

    from redis import StrictRedis
    from rq.decorators import job
    # Connect to Redis
    redis = StrictRedis()
    @job('high', timeout=10, connection=redis)
    def some_work(x, y):
        return x + y

    Then, in another module, you can call some_work:

    from import some_work
    some_work.delay(2, 3)


(August 1st, 2012)

  • Fix bug where return values that couldn't be pickled crashed the worker


(July 20th, 2012)

  • Fix important bug where result data wasn't restored from Redis correctly (affected non-string results only).


(July 18th, 2012)

  • q.enqueue() accepts instance methods now, too. Objects will be pickle'd along with the instance method, so beware.
  • q.enqueue() accepts string specification of functions now, too. Example: q.enqueue("my.math.lib.fibonacci", 5). Useful if the worker and the submitter of work don't share code bases.
  • Job can be assigned custom attrs and they will be pickle'd along with the rest of the job's attrs. Can be used when writing RQ extensions.
  • Workers can now accept explicit connections, like Queues.
  • Various bug fixes.


(May 15, 2012)

  • Fix broken PyPI deployment.


(May 14, 2012)

  • Thread-safety by using context locals
  • Register scripts as console_scripts, for better portability
  • Various bugfixes.


(March 28, 2012)

  • Initially released version.