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rqlite is a relational database which combines SQLite's simplicity with the power of a robust, fault-tolerant, distributed system. It's designed for easy deployment and lightweight operation, offering a developer-friendly and operator-centric solution for Linux, macOS, and Windows, as well as various CPU platforms.

Check out the rqlite FAQ.

Why run rqlite?

rqlite is your solution for a rock-solid, fault-tolerant, relational database with effortless installation, deployment, and operation. It's ideal as a lightweight, distributed relational data store for both developers and operators. Think Consul or etcd, but with relational modeling available.

You can use rqlite to store your important data reliably, ensuring it's always available. If you're interested in understanding how distributed systems actually work, it's a good example to study. A lot of thought has gone into its design, separating storage, consensus, and API clearly.

Key features

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Common pronunciations of rqlite include "R Q lite" and "ree-qwell-lite".