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MALgraph is an extension of your MyAnimeList profile, showing you lots of stats, lists, favorites, and even recommendations. It works for anime and manga lists, and the more titles you have listed, the more accurate results you can expect.

As of May 2015, this is a read only repository. Forks are appreciated, but what we truly would like to see would be merging some of MALgraph features into MAL itself.

For hosting instructions, see Wiki.



  • basic profile data, including list views, time on MAL, all friends and clubs
  • summary of anime and manga stats
  • number of franchises, with the full list of titles grouped together
  • fix your ep/chapter count mismatches (yeah, MAL changes ep count from time to time)
  • see at a glance how your scores compare to global stats


  • all your anime or manga, by default sorted by score
  • use filters to quickly search for titles you're interested in
  • see how your scores compare with MAL's community


  • see if you overuse 7 or 8s, check your average score and standard deviation
  • click on the graph to reveal all titles rated with given score or not rated at all
  • check if you waste most of your time watching crappy series
  • total time spent watching/reading and average time in minutes per day
  • export your rating distribution as a live image, build custom color theme
  • see your highest rated episode/chapter count ranges


  • a visual representation of your watching/reading history from last 21 days
  • check how many episodes from different series you've watched in last 3 weeks
  • timeline broken down to months, showing you number of series you've completed
  • both charts are interactive - clicking on data points shows detailed list of titles
  • easily see complete list of titles with unspecified completion date, so you can fix them


  • favorite years and decades - were series from 2008 better than 2003? 80s worse than now?
  • type distribution to check if you watch more movies than TV series
  • list of genres you seem to like (action+comedy anyone?)
  • favorite anime studios and manga authors, with counters, mean score and total time


  • recommendations engine for anime and manga
  • take a quick glance what looks interesting, see how big its franchise is
  • list of titles related to those you've already completed: sequels, summaries, etc.


  • genre~, score~, and total-number~based achievements, separate for anime and manga
  • multiple levels reflecting your stats, some unattainable for mere mortals

Other pages

  • about with short description, version history in images, and list of libraries used
  • privacy policy explaining that we're not evil, and that you can even block your Mg profile
  • global stats with basic info based on all MALgraph users


MALgraph is licensed under GPLv3 License.

Other things worth mentioning

This is the fourth version of Mg. The first one only showed the rating distribution, while its successor was a lot richer in content, but everything was presented in one overwhelming cluster of data. Mg3 had everything split into tabs, with more features and less distracting things, like humongous formulas shown in tooltips. Mg4 has a completely new caching engine and improves on its predecessor in speed, number of features, and layout clarity.

All user's data is downloaded once a day at most. After a successful download, the HTML version of all pages is cached. This ensures that MALgraph won't be a huge threat to MAL's servers - we only download the data once per 24 hours, which is a tiny fraction of an average user's browsing activity. Anime and manga data is cached too, with its lifespan depending on airing state - whether it's airing, has finished airing or isn't out yet.