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A simple, logic-based solver for KUROSU puzzles
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A simple, logic-based solver for KUROSU puzzles

================== KUROSU solver

A simple python script to solve 6x6 KUROSU puzzles Written by RR on 30 Dec 19 using Spyder Editor (Python 3.7)

================== How it works

Set up array including a valid lines array define input module to allo manual entry of a puzzle grid define a function to check one line of the input puzzle grid against valid lines

Compare/decide algorithm for each line (row or column): -see which valid lines this line could be and make a new array of these valid lines -compare all entries in the valid lines and see if any are common to all valid lines -if an x or o is common to all valid lines, then this entry must be that x or o -if that's the case, write a change to the puzzle grid

There are two compare/decide functions - one for rows, one for columns. They're the same except the columns one transposes the array before and after the comparison

Finally, there is a main loop which: -performs the compare/decide function for each row -performs the compare/decide function for each column -iterates until the grid is stable between iterations

NB.The source of the sample puzzles is the Daily Mail article here:

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